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Drinking is important!without Sugar!

The Vital Drink ZEROP® helps to cover the daily fluid requirement. Since the human body consists of 50 – 60% water and it cannot store large amounts of water, it must be supplied with the amount of fluid excreted daily. That should be around 2.5 liters a day and an additional 1 liter per hour of exercise.


Low Carb VITAL DRINK is without sugar which contains less than 2 Kcal in 100 ml. Is enriched by vitamin B1, B6, B12 and niacin. These contribute to normal energetic metabolism, metabolism of glycogen, the right function of neuro system and immune system. The concentration also contains L-carnitine. Low Carb Vital Drink 1:80, 1000ml concentrate bottle!

With the VITAL DRINK a fruity-delicious drink can prepared in a matter of seconds.

Not only in the water provides the sugar-free Vital Drink for a fruity taste, also yogurt, quark, porridge, ice cream or cake can be refined with it. Or create Cocktails without sugar, the possibilities are limitless!

Compared to conventional beverage concentrates it has on average 98 % lower carbohydrates content. In addition the Vital Drink contains vitamins B1, B6 and niacin. Vitamins are essential nutrients. The body is not able to produce them on its own; they have to be provided by food or supplements. The contained vitamins B1, B6 and niacin contribute among other things to a normal function of the nervous system and to a normal energy metabolism. A well functioning energy metabolism is important for energy production, which is important for the basic functions in the body. In addition, vitamin B6 and niacin contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

The Vital Drink is especially suitable for everybody for refill the water balance. It helps to provide the daily fluid requirement. The Vital Drink is available in many different and delicious flavours!

You can mix VITAL DRINK with soda water (sodastream)!

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